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Post match-reaction

post-match reactionA sample of the reaction from the manager, players and fans to the 2-1 win over Blackburn.

Aside from the goals there were four major talking points, the disallowed goal, Ronaldo's dive and kick as well as the penalty decision that went against Blackburn.

Given what went after it the goal didn't get as much attention but Fergie certainly felt it was a clear goal. "The goal should have stood, no doubt about it. It should have been a free-kick to begin with, not a corner, but either way it should still have been a goal."

Although Pedram on the forums felt there was some reasoning in the decision 

"There was a foul on the Evans goal...if you look carefully Ronaldo jumped onto the back of his marker who genuinely tried to jump but couldn't and fell to the ground...would not have affected anything as neither had a chance to touch the ball, but from the ref's angle he is never going to see that and had every right to blow the whistle"

Ferguson while not clearly admitting it was a dive by Ronaldo claimed that Pedersen and Ronaldo were the same case and should have recieved the same treatment, in this case that Pedersen dived and should have got a yellow.

"The boy Pedersen dived," argued Ferguson.

"There is no question about that at all. Yet Cristiano Ronaldo gets booked for the same thing and Pedersen doesn't.

"Both cases were the same. You have to give either a penalty or a yellow card."

Unsurprisingly Allardyce saw differently saying that Pedersen had every right to go to ground.

"It is not a blatant one, but Da Silva has had a little tug," argued Allardyce.

"You have to make the referee's mind up - Kevin Davies will tell you that.

"He gets fouled more than anyone else in the Premier League. He stays on his feet and never gets fouls. What do you do?"

Shaunzo on FMU Forums , posed the question as to why Pedersen didn't stay on his feet seeing as he was clear through on goal with only the keeper to beat.

"Why he didnt stay on his feet I really don't know - he was clean through. Rafael put his hand up onto his shoulder but Pederson (who was an absolute tw*t today) did himself no favours by going down like he did."

Blackburn fans seemed less bothered by that question focussing more on the fact they felt it was a penalty regardless of how easy Pedersen went down.

Gaz on Roverstalk argued that "Pederson did go down very easily, but Rafael did make contact with him, he did tug him back on his shoulder and therefore should have been a penalty "

One thing seemed to unite everybody though and that was the inconsistency of Howard Webb in that decision. 

If Webb thought he dived then why didn't he book him?A question that has been asked by more than one following the game.

  Feel free to add your own reaction to the match either in the comments below or on FMU Forums. 

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