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Fans View: Transfers

Owen and Valencia Mock Up

Fans View

With July having barely started, United have already made two signings; one of these was expected whilst the other definately wasn't - I'm sure I don't need to tell you which of these is which.  With both of these players being so different, age beig no exception, we've heard what some of the members from the forum have had to say on the signings of Luis Antonio Valencia and Michael Owen.

On Luis Antonio Valencia:

"I'm happy with this signing, now we can concentrate on finding ourselves a striker..
He's got good stats Valencia, it would be great if he could add a few more goals to his game though."

I think we'll have got him for somewhere between £14-15million and that could rise to £18million depending on appearances, etc. - much like the Carrick deal. Got to say I'm quite happy about this signing which is a huge contrast to what I said a few weeks back. I've accepted he's the best option out there right now, who is available, and am just glad we've signed anyone."

"A lot of money for a player like Valencia, hopefully not a waste of money. I really hope that our next transfer is a lot bigger player. I think Valencia is more a teamplayer then a player who takes the team over when we are in a hard game. We'll see..."

On Michael Owen:

"With a pay as you play deal and a resonable basic wage, I don't think this is a bad deal for United.
He is a proven scorer regardless of what anybody says, people may point to his time at Newcastle but that place is a shambles and I think they could have had Ronaldo and Kaka there last year and they would have still been shite.
United could be the platform he needs to get him back into the England fold, I have always been an admirer of him and if he does sign on the terms i stated above then I think its a win win for both us and him."

20 Legend Claire:
"He's a proven striker after all. He may have lost some of his pace but he's a type of striker that's different to Berbatov and Rooney who will not have forgotton where the back of the net is. He's played well with Rooney in the past and I'm really starting to warm to the idea of them playing together at club level."

"If Owen comes for a huge cut in wages and a pay per play basis, plus we get a 'big signing' in then i wouldn't be bothered.
But why do i get the feeling that if somehow he ends up at United Fergie will be perfectly happy with Valencia and Owen.
Tevez and Ronaldo replaced with Owen and Valencia!?"

"I was initially furious when I heard this, but in reality it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Berba and Tevez were both big name strikers and couldn't really co-exist. Owen, while also a big name striker, would be coming after 4 years of underachievement and injuries with a mediocre club, so he would know his place."

"While, after the initial shock of this, I do see the positives but the biggest problem for me is that it doesn't exactly speak volumes of our intent. We're signing a player who wouldn't get back into Liverpool's squad and what happened to our not signing players over 26 policy?"

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