The Bennett Letters



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Waterhof frontage

Waterhof from the first terrace

photo Stewart Harris

Watercolour of Waterhof

A picture owned by Sophia Herbert

The steps down to the terraces

Compare with picture from GBB's time

Steps down to the terraces in GBB's time

GBB's eldest daughter - Ellen - and her family

Edie (Herbert), Nicola, Harry, ?., Ellen (Meadows)

GBB at Waterhof

Author at Waterhof in 2006

photo Stewart Harris

Plan of grounds prepared by GBB

The Bennett family at home

l-r Ellen Mercer (nee Bennett), GBB, Dorothy Bennett (GBB's wife), Edie Herbert (Ellen's daughter) and Annie Bennett (GBB's youngest daughter)

The stoep at Waterhof