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Champions League Final

ucl final

Title: The 'Perfect' Game

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Well where do I begin?

A game of epic proportions. The Catalans versus the Reds. The often referred to 'Spanish Giants' against the Kings of England. It was the perfect storm. All the ingredients necessary to bring football fans from around the world to their pubs or televisions to witness the glory that is a Champions League final. The players. The fans. The Red against the Blaugrana. Powerhouse against powerhouse. This was the game our ancestors foretold. The inevitability of titan battling titan. One would stand while the other returned home empty handed.

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Don't blame tactics

clfinallogo.jpg "We were not well, the tactics were not good and everything went wrong." These are words that came from Cristiano Ronaldo’s mouth following the humiliating defeat to, the new European Champions, Barcelona. How dare he criticise the tactics of the manager who’s taken his raw talent and turned him into the best footballer in the world. Pundits all over the media have been criticising Ferguson’s choice of tactics claiming he got it wrong. Well it is they who are wrong; Fergie’s tactics were spot on. However, for tactics to be successful, the players involved actually need to play football.

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Memories of 99'

Champions league finalContinuing our theme of stories from that fateful night in 99' Poonam tells us her story...

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Nou Camp 99 - A view from inside the stadium

Champions League Our penultimate story of the memories of 99' (one more coming before the match folks!) comes from Andy who was actually sat in the stands urging United on in that night in May 9 years ago!

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How I remember the 26th May 1999

ucl logoWe asked the fans on our forum to share their memories of the last time United won the European Cup - 1999. Each day we will add another story. The first story is Ranjits..

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